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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 rating was enormously significant while in the latest television heritage. The demonstrate has finished six months effectively as of now. The viewers ended up jelled effectively Using the clearly show and admiring the contestants on the present. On this note, Bigg Boss staff has advertised a happy announcement with the audience. Check the shock news from the following.

You should get rid of teju sort bigg boss house mainly because she is not proper to bigg boss home and he or she hurting all the bigg boss contenstes with she’s speaking conduct no manners in any respect,no regard to Other people so you should get rid of her

ఇప్పుడు ఏ చిన్న డౌట్ వచ్చినా.. నెటిజనులందరూ జై గూగుల్ తల్లి అంటున్నారు.

యాదాద్రి లో మరో దారుణం వ్యభిచార గృహాలలో బంకర్లు.. చూసి షాక్

Only a optimum of 50 votes per Day for every Gmail id, is going to be permitted throughout the Viewer’s Gmail account till the end of The actual Voting Cycle. The Viewer will not be charged during the Google Voting System to Solid the vote, having said that, there will be Expense levied to your Viewer, in the applicable amount, via the network company for making use of internet connection which need to be checked because of the Viewer at his/her sole duty.

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She desires credit for what she does that’s why she could establish that kalpana was also looking to do the identical.

Here we've been with click here your complete details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. You have got the choice of voting for your favorite contestant either on the net or offline. So here is the complete detailed information to voting.

నాని గారు తనీష్ కు కొంచెం కూడా జాలి లేదు వాళ్ళ అమ్మ చెప్పిన మాట వాడు అసలు వినలేదు వాడికి అమ్మ విలువ తెలియదు అందుకే వాళ్ళ అమ్మ చెప్పిన వినకుండా సున్నైనా తో రొమాన్స్ చేయడం మనాడు ఛీ వాడికి కొంచెం కూడా బుద్ధి లేదు ప్లీజ్ నాని గారు మేము చూడలేక పోతున్నాము వాళ్ళని ఇద్దరిలో ఎవరినో ఒకరిని ఎలిమినేట్ చేయండి మా బాధ అర్థం చేసుకోండి సున్నైనా ఒక పని కూడా చేయదు అది ఏమైనా యువ రానా చాల oవార్ ఎక్కువ చేస్తాది ప్లీజ్ దాన్ని పంపిం చండి దానికి సిగ్గు సిగలేదు వాళ్ళ అమ్మ నన aanత బాధ పడుతారో దానికి అర్థం కాలేదు దాని సుకం చూసుకుంటోంది ఛీ

The contestants who got significantly less amount of the votes from the public as a result of both equally Bigg Boss vote online and also by way of skipped simply call will leave the home.

Nani garu don’t aid Geeta personally she is admittedly cunning, generally discuss elimination and ur focusing on only teju. If she is not inside the bb, It will probably be not fascinated.

All kaushal fans vote shyamala and do not Permit tejaswi reenter your house, Nani, bigboss and tejaswi gang must knowpublic electric power nanii hope your movies shouldn't operate be-se we wish sincere hero who stands with greater part of general public and impartial, You aren't healthy for hero you are selfish.

ika vadu mathrame vundali, biggboss lo.vadu chesindhe suitable ani feel avuthadu.peeda theda la vunnadu vadu.blind ga vadi medha sympathy chupinchakunda present ni exhibit la enjoy chesthe koushal entha waste gado straightforward ardham avuthundi

Following propagations bigg boss conducted a election and all housemates really have to fall their vote in ballet box organized in backyard garden location. Geetha Madhuri won 7 days six captaincy with eleven votes.

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